Devaka Perera | Artist & Designer

New Beginnings

20+ years! I look back with just a little bit of pride, & certainly look forward with a lot more hope.

What began with a humble blog,, & moved on to, has now moved one step further to my own little corner of the web.

The decision to move on from housing my portfolio on social-media &/or other platforms, came right after Meta decided to make adjustments on how the reviews/recommendations section works, making me lose more than half the reviews my customers have given me over the years.

That, as well as given the fact that any facebook/social-media page is an easy target spammers, fake followers etc, the amount of control my own website gives me, is a complete godsend.

The move to a dedicated website, also comes with me finally picking up pencil & paper,  ready to get down to illustrating the two projects I’ve been planning for the better part of the last 14 years.

The first of these projects will be hopefully released later this year, the second will take a lot longer given the planning and sheer vastness of the world I plan to weave.

As I write my very first post, on what is to be my primary online presence, I am also busy working on two projects. The first, a festival that had to be halted due to the covid pandemic, The Galle Literary Festival, which promises to be bigger and better than ever before, with a dynamic, young, multi-skilled team at its helm.

The second, what started as a by-product of the GLF, and now it’s own presence & brand, a festival focused on cuisine, running for 12 weeks, up and down the south coast of Sri Lanka.

Looking forward to writing more, drawing more, and ticking off my project bucket-list in 2024!